Sustainability: Environmental, Social, and Governance



作为国际社会的成员,Littelfusealways strived to understand the impact of what we do, and of what we create, on the world around us. Because of this, our concern for the environment is an integral and fundamental part of our business. We continually work to balance our business objectives with the need to protect and improve the local and global environment.




Littelfuse is committed to conducting its worldwide manufacturing and distribution operations in a responsible manner that protects the environment and ensures the safety and welfare of our associates, customers, and neighbors. Learn more about how we do this at Littelfuse by clicking on the below links.

pdf icon环境遵守概述

pdf icon环境健康和安全政策

pdf iconProduct Environmental Information

pdf icon加州命题65.

pdf icon供应链中的加利福尼亚透明度



pdf iconAnti-Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Policy

pdf iconCompany Culture

pdf icon冲突矿物质声明

pdf icon骚扰职场政策

pdf icon社会责任政策


The Board of Directors of Littelfuse has set high standards for the Company through the implementation of key corporate governance standards. The Board recognizes the importance of best practices in corporate governance and the benefit to our stakeholders. Learn more about our governance practices at Littelfuse by clicking on the below links.

pdf iconAnti-Bribery Policy


pdf iconEmployee Code of Conduct

pdf iconRelated Persons Transactions Policy

pdf icon报告,不当行为和非报复政策的调查

pdf icon供应商行为准则