Medium Voltage Fuses


For questions, contact our Technical Support and Engineering Services Group at 800-TEC-FUSE (800-832-3873).

Littelfuse中压保险丝是silver element, silica sand, non-expulsion design, current-limiting type devices. When properly applied, they are designed to carry their nominal current rating continuously without “fatigue failure.” This means that the fuse will not age, become brittle, or deteriorate under the most severe duty cycling.


Back-up fuses are designed to protect only against high fault currents, and must be used in series with equipment which provides the circuit’s required overload and low value short-circuit protection.


Download the Littelfuse White Paper on Selecting
and Applying Medium Voltage Fuses.


PDF图标 Medium Voltage Fuse Datasheet

PDF图标 选择和应用中压保险丝


PDF图标 中电压交叉参考 - 储备的保险丝