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We have a wide array of sensor output options such as reed and Hall effect digital output, single- and multi-point reed ladder fluid level measurement, ratio-metric output for rotary angle and linear measurement using Hall effect devices, and speed and direction sensing.

Types of Customization:

  • 对现有标准产品封装的修改,例如添加连接器或更换电线尺寸或长度,以及为裸簧开关提供特殊的簧片开关灵敏度,定制引线成型和弯曲或修改
  • Fully new custom sensor package designs and/or circuitry
  • Magnetic circuit (actuator magnet and sensor) design for a variety of applications
  • See our full range of sensor manufacturing process capabilities

Engineering Services Offered:

  • 3D CAD mechanical design services
  • Electronic circuitry design
  • 磁模拟支持分析设计选项的可行性
  • 3D mapping of magnetic actuation of the sensor
  • Rapid prototyping and quick-turn concept parts including 3D printed parts
  • Prototype units using prototype tooling
  • Reliability/Validation testing options
  • Fully designed production capable sensor and tooling

Let Us Help You Design Your Custom Sensor

Littelfuse’s dedicated application engineers are available to assist you in every step of the custom product development process. Don’t waste any time! Contact our sensor application experts today!

自定义传感器s 自定义传感器s