Littelfuse IX4351NE SIC MOSFET&IGBT驱动程序赢得了年度电力产品奖


芝加哥,December3,2020-Littelfuse, Inc.(NASDAQ: LFUS), a global manufacturer of leading technologies in circuit protection, power control and sensing,today announced itsIX4351NE SiC MOSFET and IGBT Driverhas been named a Green Energy Award Winner for’s 2020 Annual Power Product Awards. Held for the last 17 years, these awards recognize and honor the best products throughout the world that succeed in energy conservation and environmental protection.

The power supply technologies of tomorrow are more than energy porters. Highly-efficient power supply technologies are drivers of innovation, allowing for better products and more advanced systems. The IX4351NE offers one of the highest energy efficiency ratios in its class, making it one of the most energy-conscious and environmentally-friendly drivers available today.

由21IC.com提供的年度电源产品奖励是当今电源技术的最佳显示平台之一,由于参与制造商的数量和各种产品类别。对于2020的选择,Littelfuse IX4351NE SIC MOSFET和IGBT驱动器被选为绿色能源奖的唯一两个获奖者之一,因为其卓越的绿色能源节省能力和改善成本性能。

Designed specifically to drive SiC MOSFETs and high power IGBT, the IX4351NE offers a separate 9 A source and sink outputs, allowing for tailored turn on and turn off timing while minimizing switching losses. The device’s internal negative charge regulator provides a selectable negative gate drive bias, delivering improved dV/dt immunity and a faster turn off. This driver eliminates the need for a separate negative supply, with an operating voltage range of -10 V to +25 V.

"On behalf of everyone at Littelfuse, we are honored to receive the Green Energy Award for the IX4351NE," said David Zha, China electronics sales director at Littelfuse. "This award means a lot to our team, as it recognizes our innovation in the power supply category, and our ongoing commitment to greener and more energy-efficient products."
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