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The ADR (Accord Dangereux Routier) Battery Disconnect Switch is a bistable/magnetic, current isolating switch designed for dangerous goods carriage vehicles. Its ON-OFF position is different than traditional current isolating switches. It uses a minimum current when it is turned on and zero when is off. The “magnetic ON-OFF position” absorbs current only during the commuting phase: when switched from (OFF) to (ON) and vice versa. Generally referred as “bistable with zero consumption”, the switch connects/disconnects the electric circuit to/from the battery. One P/N can be utilized for both 12V and 24V. The ADR Battery Disconnect Switch is a positive disconnection switch available either as a base unit or complete kit with ATEX compliant chassis switch, cabin toggle switch, switch protection cover, and harnesses.

08075300 - ADR Battery Disconnect Switch Complete Kit. The kit includes all the below part numbers 08075360 - ADR Battery Disconnect Switch 00227073 - Chassis Switch ATEX Compliant w/Cover 00901560 - Cabin Toggle Switch ATEX w/Red Silicon Cover 00900560 - Switch Protection Cover 00712600 - 7-Way DIN Harness 00712500 - 4-Way DIN Harness

The ADR Disconnect Switch can also be used for non-ADR applications that can utilize a programmable disconnect time delay (between 1 sec. and 1 hour). ADR applications are required to break circuit within 10 sec. of activation.

部件号描述08075300 - ADR电池断开开关完整套件。该套件包括以下所有以下部分号08075360 - ADR电池断开开关00227073 - 底盘开关符合W /封面00901560 - 机舱拨动开关ATEX W / Red Silicon盖00900560 - 开关保护盖00712600 - 4-方式DIN线束

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog # Current Rating (Continuous) in Amps Current Rating (Inrush) in Amps Voltage Rating Max 电路 进入保护 Actuator Contact Material Housing Intermittent time 安装方法 硬件 Recommended Torque Compare
00227073 10 24 SPST IP67, IP69K Toggle 黑色热塑性塑料 Flange M6 8±2 Nm
00900560. Plastic
00901560 15 12 SPST 标准拨动
08075300 250 2000年 24 SPST IP67, IP69K Silver Plated Copper 黑色热塑性塑料 5. 表面 19 Nm Max
08075360 250 2000年 24 SPST IP67, IP69K Silver Plated Copper 黑色热塑性塑料 5. 表面 19 Nm Max
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pdf icon ADR磁电池断开开关数据表


pdf icon ADR磁性电池断开开关说明书


pdf icon ADR Series CE Declaration

ADR Series CE Declaration

pdf icon ADR系列2D PRINT - 008075360

ADR系列2D PRINT - 008075360

pdf icon ADR Series 2D Print - 00227073

ADR Series 2D Print - 00227073

pdf icon ADR磁电池断开开关数据表IT