Easy-to-Use Screw Head Helps Streamline Automation Process

CHICAGO,四月27, 2021-Littelfuse,Inc。(纳斯达克:LFU)是一种赋予可持续,连接和更安全的世界的工业技术制造公司,推出了其60个安培模型的六角螺旋头选项,用于LFR和LFT系列保险丝块。这种易于使用的螺丝头风格非常适合制造自动化,帮助OEM简化其组件的紧固过程,以减少装配错误。

“当一个主要OEM走近Littelfuse的challenges they were having with their installation tightening processes, we immediately committed to helping them find a solution," stated Craig Greeson, product manager, Littelfuse Industrial Business Unit. "The new 60 Ampere fuse blocks are part of a series designed with hex-screws for assembly applications that need to be precise and repeatable to increase manufacturing efficiencies and produce high-quality products."

Hex-screw 60 Ampere fuse blocks:

  • 适应各种现有的安装配置
  • 提供快速释放的DIN导轨安装,以便于安装
  • Include reinforced fuse clips for increased reliability



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