When couples first get engaged, they might immediately begin to think about the big reception that they will have. Others dream of a romantic dinner surrounded by their closest family members and friends. However, as time goes on, they start to realize that the wedding ceremony is actually the most important part and deserves some serious attention. After all, it is at this celebration that they will officially become spouses.

flowers-and-altarMany couples opt to have a traditional marriage ceremony in their house of worship. Individuals planning these ceremonies need to adhere to some rules. For example, a Roman Catholic Church is unlikely to hold a marriage ceremony on Easter Sunday. Also, some houses of worship will require that couples select from set readings. They may choose to incorporate unity candle into the ceremony, or if each member of the couple is from a different faith, they may have an officiant from the other faith help to celebrate the union.

Other couples want to have a religious or spiritual marriage ceremony, but they do not wish to hold it in a house of worship. Some faiths will not perform a ceremony outside of the church, particularly if both members of the couple are of the same faith. However, that is not the case for all other houses of worship will. In the event that couples cannot have a ceremony outside of the house of worship in their faith, they will need to consider their options. Either they can change the location of the ceremony, or they can choose to have an officiant from another faith celebrate the marriage. They can still incorporate spiritual and religious elements the marriage may not be recognized by the religion though.

wedding-chuppah-marta-locklear-photographyYet other couples do not want any religious or spiritual elements involved in their wedding at all. They might decide to have a judge perform the ceremony, or they may ask a loved one to become ordained so that he or she can head the event. The couple will likely have a great deal of control over which elements they would like to include and which they would not.

Whatever category a couple falls into, plenty of options are available to craft a perfect ceremony that speaks to the beliefs and backgrounds of both individuals, Also these phoenix wedding photographers are attentive to the emotional imagery of the celebration through film and portraits, and are committed to the special day to  ensure that the bride and groom will be able to relive the magic of their wedding.

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